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Canada is world’s second largest country right after Russia. Besides that, the country has the world’s longest coastline (202,080 km)! With your rental car you can explore this magnificent and endless coastline. Drive past prairies, quiet villages, giant forests and visit Canada’s most romantic and metropolitan cities. The landscape and the climate vary per region. That is why you can spot many kinds of wildlife in Canada like whales, grizzly bears, moose, wolves and bison! A fun fact is that the license plates in the Northwest territories are shaped like polar bears. Are you interested in car rental in Canada? Find out all our pickup locations!

Explore Canada with your rental car

Where to start in this immense country? Highway 99 is the Canadian version of Route 66 and therefore the perfect starting point. This major highway leads through 5 different climate zones and is considered one of the world’s breathtaking road trips! Highway 99 takes you to impressive panoramas and is also called the Sea to Sky Highway. A few highlights you will cross during this road trip are: the artistic village called Lions Bay, Murrin and Shannon Falls Provincial Park, Squamish (one of the largest cities you will cross during this trip) and Whistler. Canada has many world-famous highlights you can visit such as the Niagara Falls and the crystal clear mountain lakes of Banff National Park!

car rental canada

Favorite car rental locations in Canada

The 72 rental locations of are spread across the country. You can decide which pickup and drop off location is convenient for you! We also offer ‘one way’ car rentals in Canada. This means that you are able to drop off your rental car at another location than the pickup location. Perfect for an extended country as Canada where you cannot choose which provinces you want to explore! You can even pickup your rental car in, for example, Seattle, USA and drop it off in Vancouver, Canada!


car rental in calgary

In the wild west part of Canada you’ll find the modern city Calgary. This impressive metropolis is a great destination to discover by rental car. car rental in Calgary offers you a large variety of rental cars for the cheapest rates. Both English and French are officially spoken languages in the city, however English is the most common. Calgary is the fourth largest city in Canada and has more hours of sunshine than any other major city in Canada. This makes it the perfect city to visit each time of the year! In 1,5 hours you will arrive in Banff National Park, which became famous because of its crystal blue lakes. Drive a little further and arrive in Jasper National Park where the landscape consists of glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and bright green forests.

Car rental Calgary


car rental in montreal

Discover Montreal with a rental car from Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec. The language spoken in Montreal is French and because of the many cultural events, the city is also known as the Paris of North America. Experience the real Montreal by driving to festivals, exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances.  When you have a rental car you can see as much as possible in the city and also explore the surrounding area and the rest of the province. Start your road trip in southeastern Canada and pick up your car in Montreal.

Car rental Montreal


car rental in toronto

Toronto is the largest city of Canada and the capital of the province of Ontario. Car rental in Toronto is the perfect starting point for your adventure in Canada. The city has a magnificent skyline with the Canadian National Tower as highest point. The CN Tower is 533 meter high and therefore belongs to the highest buildings in the world. You can visit three floors of which the SkyPod (4 meters) is the highest with a breathtaking view over the city. Toronto is the perfect place for people who love art, food and musicals! In about a 30 minute drive you can visit the world-famous Niagara Falls! Request a free quote or contact our customer service team for any questions.

Car rental Toronto


car rental in vancouver

Are you looking for car rental in Vancouver, Canada? At you can hire your rental car for the cheapest rates! Discover all the highlights in this Canadian metropolis an experience the mix of different cultures. Drive around the city and lose yourself in the magnificent landscape. From small bays to sky-high buildings and imposing mountains, Vancouver has it all! Visit the old neighborhood of Gastown, the historic city center of Vancouver. Enjoy yourself in the local art scene, have dinner in one of the many restaurants and go shopping in the small boutiques. A rental car offers you quick and easy transport to visit all the sights in Vancouver.

Car rental Vancouver

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Frequently asked questions about car rental in Canada

Renting a car for a trip abroad is always a little exciting. There are several things to keep in mind, such as traffic rules and documents that are needed. We have listed the most frequently asked questions below.

1. What are the traffic rules in Canada?

In Canada you drive on the right side of the road with overtaking on the left. Canadian speed limits are marked in kilometers. Generally speaking, Canadians are calm and disciplined drivers, so adapt to their driving style and take it easy!

2. Where can I get travel information locally?

The Canadian Automobile Association is a great starting point for your trip in Canada. When you are a member of an automobile association you can apply for free or discounted information such as road maps and tailor made travel tips.

3. Do I need an international driver’s license to drive in Canada?

Within the European Union it is not necessary to have an international driver’s license, but in many countries outside of the EU this is mandatory when you rent a car. For Canada you need a English and/or French version of your driving license.

4. What are the car rental conditions like in Canada?

Download the as a PDF and read through the exact conditions of the rental agreement.

5. What do I have to keep in mind when refueling in Canada?

Fuel prices in Canada are cheaper than many Western European fuel prices. Make sure you keep a full tank, the long distances mean fewer gas stations.

Are you looking for car rental in Canada? At you can request a free quote! Feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any questions!