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Looking for car rental in Italy? Hire your rental car at for the cheapest rates! Drive the enchanting coastal roads of Italy and visit the vibrant cities Milan, Palermo, Florence and Rome. Hop in your rental car after a strong espresso at one of the coffee bars and drive to the coast. Enjoy the ocean breeze, the small fairytale bays and the colorful coastal towns. With your rental car in Italy, you decide for yourself where to go en when to go! Any questions about car rental in Italy? Contact our customer service team.

Explore enchanting Italy!

Enjoy bathing in the clear waters of beautiful Lake Garda in the north of Italy. Taste all the local delicacies and be amazed by the beautiful landscape. With car rental in Italy you can visit all the highlights and get a real taste of the country. Drive along the many vineyards where some of the best Italian wine is produced or explore beautiful Tuscany with its medieval villages and hills full of pine trees. Interested in a road trip from North to South Italy? Click here and get inspired!

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Popular rental locations in Italy

Do you have a destination in Italy in mind? We have 121 car rental locations where you can start your vacation in Italy. Pick up your rental car at the airport of Bologna or in the city center of Rome. Prefer to pick up you car in Sicilia? No problem, we have a pick up location in Catania, Sicilia! Besides that, most of the time it is possible to drop off your rental car at a different location than the pickup location. The most popular car rental locations are listed on this page.


car rental in catania

Interested in car rental in Catania? We offer you a variety of rental cars for the cheapest rates! Catania is the second largest metropolitan city of Sicily, Italy and is located at the feet of Mount Etna. This volcano destroyed the city multipal times because of eruptions, among which the most devastating in the 17th Century. The old city center of Catania is relatively small, so you can discover all its highlights and secrets easily! An ideal starting point of your trip is the main square Piazza Duomo. One of the most influential persons of the Sicilian baroque, the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini, designed the square. 

Car rental Catania


car rental in florence

Florence is also called ‘Renaissance City’ because there is no other city in Italy with so many influences from the renaissance period  (1300 – 1600). You will find lots of art and architecture that dates back to 59 B.C. when Julius Caesar founded the city. Florence is considered one of the most leading cultural cities of Europe! Do you want to explore this city and are you looking for car rental in Florence? offers the cheapest rates and gives you the possibility to choose from a large variety of rental cars!

Car rental Florence


car rental in milan

Milan is one of the fashion cities in Italy and is located in the north. The city is the perfect place for shopaholics with its famous shopping streets: Via Monte Napoleone, Via Torino and Porta Ticinese. Milan is also home to luxurious and exclusive brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. Looking good, delicious food and after-work drinks belong to the lifestyle of the people of Milan! Besides the fashion you will also find wonderful architecture, museums and many good restaurants! Are you interested and looking for car rental in Milan? Book your car for the cheapest rates at or contact our customer service team!

Car rental Milan


car rental in pisa

The location to pick up your rental car at the airport of Pisa in Italy is very easy to find. From the arrival hall follow the signs with “car rental” and within minutes you will find the desk of To get to the city center of Pisa you only need 10 minutes by rental car. The route from the airport to the city center is clearly signposted.

Car rental Pisa


car rental in rome

Discover all the roads that lead to Rome with your rental car. Rome is the capital city of Italy and has many historical highlights, exclusive restaurants, boutiques and trendy bars. Visit the largest amphitheater during the Roman time called the Colosseum, throw a coin in the famous Trevi Fountain and visit the home of the pope, Vatican City. Are you interested and can’t you wait to explore Rome in Italy? With car rental in Rome you can explore this magnificent city and the surrounding area. Book your rental car for the cheapest rates or contact our customer service team if you have any questions!

Car rental Rome

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What are the car rental conditions in Italy?

Download the rental conditions for Italy as a PDF file and check the conditions of our a rental contracts.