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Car rental Chicago

Chicago is the largest city in the state Illinois in the USA. With your rental car in Chicago you will be able to explore this cultural city and the surrounding area. In the bustling city, the possibilities are endless. Overlooking the beautiful skyline of the city you can enjoy the local delicacies as pizza, beef sandwiches and hot dogs. Chicago is great and also in the modern suburbs, which are easily accessible by car, you will find nice shops and diners. Compare the rates for a rental car in Chicago with other suppliers and discover we have the best offers!

Explore Chicago by rental car

The world famous Route 66 starts in Chicago. This makes the city the ultimate place to start your journey to Los Angeles. Chicago is very central, so you can also decide to drive to New York. Do you need some variety? Swap the beautiful buildings and streets of Chicago with a visit to the Starved Rock State Park. Here you can make beautiful walking tours and enjoy a picnic. Cycling is very popular in Chicago. So there are bike paths along all major roads, but also small streets.

TIP: Red Light Cameras are very common in Chicago. To avoid a penalty by waiting for orange lights and only green light to drive.”

Frequently asked questions about car rentals in Chicago

Renting a car in another country can sometimes raise questions. helps to answer. We’ve listed all the frequently asked questions for you.

1. Where should I look out for in Chicago while driving?

Chicago motorists are strictly penalized by the use of mobile phones. There is a large fine on holding a phone while driving. In addition, the taxis in the city can be quite assertive and impatient. Further, it is on the roads of Chicago, a lot calmer compared to other American cities.

2. How do I navigate through town?

Navigating Chicago is relatively easy. The center of the city is designed in a traditional grid pattern, making it very easy to find your way.

Car rental services at Chicago Airport

The large network of makes it possible to deliver some place different than where you started and therefore start or end your trip in another city. This is called a oneway reservation and is always possible in the USA.

Car options in Chicago

Customize your car to specific requirements. For a small fee you rent all the extras that make your car perfect.

  • Baby seat so your baby can be transported safely
  • Child seat mandatory in the USA for children up to 12 years and less than 1.50m
  • Booster (booster so your child sit higher in the back)
  • Winter tires mandatory in winter
  • Snow Chains

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