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Car rental Calgary

In the wild west part of Canada you’ll find the modern city Calgary. This city has in recent years become a big metropolis and a great destination to tour by rental car. Located 80 miles from the Rocky Mountains, the city is a popular destination for winter holidays. In 1988 the Winter Olympics were held here.

Explore the area of Calgary by rental car

A rental car is the ideal means of transport to visit the Olympic ice rink and the nearby pristine Rocky Mountains. The typical North American grid-like road network makes navigating the city a breeze. Parking in downtown Calgary can be very pricey, but the city center is easy to explore by foot.
Are you planning to visit one of the beautiful National Parks Jasper, Banff or Lake Louise? Go on Monday, when the highways are deserted. From June to September the mountain lakes have thawed and the water turns a brilliant turquoise and in October you can drive a rental car here with the characteristic yellow and gold autumn colors surrounding you.

  • Easy driving in Calgary
  • Tour the National Parks

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Calgary

Booking a rental car can lead to questions both before, during and after the booking. You may be asking yourself what extras, such as a children’s seat, cost and how a one way rental works. We have listed all the frequently asked questions. Is your question not answered? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

1. What equipment does my rental car need during winter?

If you visit Calgary in the winter it is nice to have a vehicle with four-wheel drive. This is however not essential, just front wheel drive will do as well. In addition, we strongly advise anti-lock brakes and snow tires so you can safely enjoy your holiday .

2. What should I keep in mind when driving a rental car in Calgary?

In the city there are mostly one-way streets. So beware that you do not drive into the streets from the wrong side. Summer is the season for maintenance and requires you to lower speeds as you drive along the road. The police is very strict here when it comes to speed limits and parking rules.

3. What is a one way?

With a one way booking you can pick up your car at one rental location and return it at another. For instance pick up your rental car upon arrival at Calgary airport (YYC) and drop it off in Toronto, Halifax, Montreal or a rental location in another city in Canada.

4. What are the rental conditions in Calgary?

Download the terms and rental conditions Canada as a PDF file and see the exact conditions of renting a car with us.

Car rental options in Calgary

At, you can customize your rental car to your own wishes and needs. For a small fee you can choose from all kinds of extras to maximize your comfort and safety during your journey.

  • Baby seat so your baby can be transported safely
  • Child seat, in Canada compulsory for children up to 12 years and less than 1.50m
  • Booster seat (your child sits higher on the seat by using the booster seat)
  • Winter tires – mandatory in winter
  • Snow Chains
  • NoRisk Warranty, prepare yourself for anything
  • Redeem cancellation fee, choose this option to redeem the cancellation fee and you will receive a full refund if you wish to cancel your booking 24 hours before departure. This way you can always profit from the early bird deals. Nothing keeps you from making your booking now

Car rental reviews of travelers in Calgary

Calgary is a popular holiday destination. Many travelers enjoy a holiday in this modern city, exploring it by rental car. Read the experiences of travelers who rented a car at to visit Calgary. Also tell us about your experience with a rental car in Calgary and share your review.

Car rental locations and map of Calgary

We offer several rental locations in Calgary. Pick up your rental car directly upon arrival at Calgary International Airport or in the city center. Choose your rental location and start your road trip by rental car.

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