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The United States of America are best experienced by car. Enjoy the ultimate freedom in the land of opportunities. USA’s highlights are widely spread all over the country. With a comfortable rental car you can easily concur the long distances between lively villages, imposing nature and empty desserts. By car you get the maximum out of your USA trip. The stretched landscapes along the broad highways are a highlight themselves! Add the competitive fuel and car rental prices and travelling by car is extra attractive.

Rent a car for your roadtrip in the USA

With an affordable rental car you can visit as many states as you want. Drive the famous Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago, or cross the country to New York. The cities themselves are very accessible for cars and usually have a logical infrastructure so you can easily navigate. There are over 150 locations where you can pick up and drop off your rental car. There is always a pick up location nearby and you can drop off the car at a different destination if you choose a one way rental.

rental cars usa Rent a car in the United States

We advise you to book your rental car in advance for better rates. Of course you can rent a car on the spot at a higher price. Due to low tax on gasoline and diesel fuel in the USA, rates are significantly lower than you might be used to at home. Don’t hesitate, book your car online. Book now, pay later for the most favourable rate. Only at you pay when you collect your car, no payments in advance besides a small security deposit.

Cities with car rental services has car rental locations spread across the country so in no time at all you can get from your hotel or the airport to the rental location. In the United States, there are more than 150 pick-up locations, such as:


car rental in atlanta

With a rental car in Atlanta you are able to explore the interested state Georgia in the USA. The bright city is famous because of The World of Coa-cola, the 2nd biggest aquarium in the world: Georgia Aquarium, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and one of the most busiest airports in the world. An average of 89 million people per year fly from or to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and rent a car at the airport. If you are interested in culture, history, and entertainment than you are at the right place in Atlanta city.

Car rental Atlanta


car rental in chicago

Chicago is the largest city in the state Illinois in the USA. With your rental car in Chicago you will be able to explore this cultural city and the surrounding area. In the bustling city, the possibilities are endless. Overlooking the beautiful skyline of the city you can enjoy the local delicacies as pizza, beef sandwiches and hot dogs. Chicago is great and also in the modern suburbs, which are easily accessible by car, you will find nice shops and diners. Compare the rates for a rental car in Chicago with other suppliers and discover we have the best offers!

Car rental Chicago



Discover Denver by rental car. Denver is the capital of Colorado and is also dubbed the Mile High city, bordering the Rocky Mountains. The city started as a hub for gold miners but has been transformed into an urban metropolis that still echoes the Wild West past. Your rental car gives you the opportunity to explore all the city’s natural, historical and cultural highlights.

Car rental Denver

Fort Lauderdale

car rental in fort lauderdale

Car rental in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect way to explore the sunny state Florida in the USA! It’s famous for its perfect, sandy beaches, arts, culture and lots of events. The beachfront promenade is known of its wave wall and brick paved path. You may relax on the beach underneath a palmtree or go diving in the Atlantic Ocean where you” find lots of shipwrecks. Explore Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area with your rental car easily. Request a free quote and find out the cheapest rates at or contact our Customer Service Team if you need any help!

Car rental Fort Lauderdale

Honolulu Airport


Honolulu is the capitol city of the state Hawaii in the USA and is located at the coast of the island Oahu. Soft sandy beaches, the bright blue water of the Pacific Ocean and perfect waves for surfers, the island Oahu has a lot to offer! Visit the famous tourist hotspot Waikiki, the largest shopping center of Hawaii, Ala Moana Center and the worlds most famous harbor: Pearl Harbor. Rent your car at and explore this magnificent island!

Car rental Honolulu Airport

Las Vegas

car rental las vegas

Las Vegas is on many bucket lists and a very popular holiday destination in the USA. The strip, casino’s, lights and parties, all in the middle of the Nevada desert. Luxury and glamour are the main ingredients the city has to offer. Did you know there are many opportunities to go out and explore for example the Grand Canyon by rental car? Also other beautiful canyons and national parks in the area are perfect for a day trip, so you can enjoy your comfortable hotel bed and the vibrating city at night. Compare the rates for a rental car in Las Vegas with other providers and see for yourself we offer the lowest price!

Car rental Las Vegas

Los Angeles

car rental in los angeles

Are you looking for a reliable and cheap car rental in Los Angeles in the United States? With your Lejebil rental car you are able to explore ‘The City of Angels’, Los Angeles. The beautiful city is located on America’s west coast and has a wonderful climate year round. The city has many different suburbs, each with its own distinct character. A car is definitely a must to get around the city and surrounding area. With your rental car you have your own transport and thereby you are in charge of all the stopovers! 

Car rental Los Angeles



Memphis is the largest city in the state Tennessee. However the capitol city of Tennessee is Nashville. Together Memphis and Nashville are called the music cities of the world. Lots of music styles are originated here, such as rock-‘n-roll and the blues. Tourists travel to Memphis to experience this music culture. You can visit Graceland, the former estate of legend Elvis Presley and B.B. Kings Blues Club in Beale Street. Rent a car in Memphis at

Car rental Memphis


car rental in miami

Car rental in Miami is the perfect way to explore the sun state Florida! Start your trip in Miami and drive along the beautiful coast and enjoy the endlessly perfect, soft beaches. Can you imagine? Miami is a popular destination for sunlovers. In the tropical climate of the city you will find the most lively beaches and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy this city full of passion, culture and high temperatures in the comfort of your rental car from Did you know that Miami Beach is a completely artificial island? As a result, the streets are logically connected, so the city is easy to navigate!

Car rental Miami

New York City

car rental in new york

For car rental in New York you should definitely check our cheap rental car rates for this city. New York, also known as The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps and NYC, is the largest city in The United States. The city has more than 9.5 million inhabitants and is divided into five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. New York is full of interesting monuments, hidden restaurants, shopping centers and of course impressive buildings. Rent your car at and explore this big, bright city!

Car rental New York City


car rental in orlando

Car rental in Orlando in Florida means starting with all the theme parks such as Walt Disney and Universal Studios! You won’t miss a thing during a visit to the popular holiday destination Orlando in The United States. It’s hard to get bored in a city surrounded by the most luxurious shopping malls and worlds leading theme parks. To discover all the highlights of this buzzing city, a rental car is required. Our partners will provide you with a comfortable rental car and exclusive service, so you can discover Orlando and the surrounding area all by yourself!

Car rental Orlando


Car rental Richmond

The rental location is directly indicated on signs when you arrive at Richmond Airport. This makes it very easy to find the counter. Within 20 minutes from the rental location you will arrive in the lively centre of Richmond, Virginia in The States.

Car rental Richmond

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City car rental

Salt Lake City is the capital city of the state Utah in The United States of America.Within 30 minutes you arrive in the popular ski areas. In 2002 the Olympic Winter Games were held in the city. Park City possesses over the best powdering snow in the world, according to the enthusiastic visitors of these ski areas. On the Eastside of Salt Lake City you will find lots of forest such as Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Fishlake National Forest and Dixie National Forest. If you do not like to go skiing or snowboarding, you can always go for a hike in one of these National Forests. 

Car rental Salt Lake City

San Francisco

car rental in san francisco

Car rental in San Francisco in the United States means driving the Golden Gate Bridge and explore the surrounding area! Enjoy San Francisco’s relaxed vibe and tour all the sights with your rental car. Get behind the wheel and cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge to Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technological development. Visit Fisherman’s Wharf and try the delicious local Clam Chowder. Spot seals at Pier 39 and plan a visit to the former prison Alcatraz.

Car rental San Francisco

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capitol city of The United States and is situated in the northeast of the country. Some people confuse the city with the state Washington, that you will find in the northwest. Washington D.C. is known of its rich history and of course because it is the nation’s capitol. Pierre-Charles L’Enfant was commissioned by the first president of The United States, George Washington, to plan the city. Explore this fascinating city with your rental car!

Car rental Washington D.C.

Is your favorite destination not mentioned on this page? Use the bookingswidget for the many other car rental locations.

Frequently asked questions about car rental in the USA

To drive a car in America, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are different traffic rules and refueling and parking is a little different from what Europeans are used to. We’ve summarized the most frequently asked questions for you.

1. What are the traffic rules in the USA?

In many states the traffic rules are more or less the same as in Europe. However there are some rules in the USA that are slightly different and need your attention when you’re driving. Below we’ve summarized the most important traffic rules that vary from ours.

  • You are allowed to overtake on the right. Americans “keep their lane” so it is common to drive in the same lane without overtaking
  • The maximum speed is lower than in most European countries
  • If you see the indication “Turn on Red”, you are allowed to take a right turn whilst the stoplight is red
  • A stop sign really means stop. If you don’t stop, you will receive a fine
  • Traffic patrol is taken very seriously in the USA, be aware of this and stick to the maximum speed

2. How much is a gallon?

Fuel is sold by the gallon rather than liters in the United States. An American gallon is 3,785 litres. Approximately 13 gallon fill up a tank.

3. Do I need an international driver’s license to drive in the USA?

Within the European Union it’s not necessary to have an international driver’s license, but in many countries outside of the EU this is mandatory when you rent a car. An international driver’s license is not mandatory in the USA but the rental company can ask for it nevertheless.

4. What age do I need to be to rent a car in America?

Despite the fact that you can get your driver’s license at the age of 15 in many states, America has strict rules when it comes to renting a car. If you are under 25 years of age, many rental companies charge a daily fee on top of the standard rental fee. This is due to the higher accident risk of younger drivers. Check the conditions for the underage surcharge that’s applicable for your specific car rental.

5. What are the car rental conditions like in America?

Download the USA rental conditions as a PDF file.

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