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Car rental Orlando

With a rental car you won’t miss a thing during a visit to the popular holiday destination Orlando. It’s hard to get bored in a city surrounded by the most luxurious shopping malls and worlds leading theme parks. To discover all the highlights of this buzzing city, a rental car is required. Our partners will provide you with a comfortable rental car and exclusive service, so you can discover Orlando all by yourself.

Rent a car to cruise through Orlando

Did you know Orlando is the city with the largest car rental market in the world? It’s tropical climate makes travelling by car in Orlando very pleasant. Open your windows or turn the airconditioning on and cruise through the city and surrounding areas. In Orlando, you can make all your wildest dreams come true. In the Walt Disney World Resort you can relive your childhood and make all your dreams come true. All this within a 30 minutes drive from the city. With the Park Hopper pass you can park your rental care for the cheapest price. The parking fees are $ 15 per day and you can park at any of the Walt Disney amusement parks for this fixed amount. When you’ve seen all the theme parks you can take a trip to one of the many coastal towns.

TIP: Avoid busy highways and long waiting lines for the themeparks by planning your visit to Orlando during springtime or autumn. Especially the weekends and high season, July and August, are busy periods.

Frequently asked questions about renting a car in Orlando

Booking a rental car can raise questions both before, during and after the booking process. You might be wondering what the traffic regulations are in Orlando and if you can book a one way rental. We’ve listed all the frequently asked questions about renting a car in Orlando for you. Is your question not listed below? Contact us

What do I have to keep in mind when driving in Orlando?

Traffic is easy and well regulated, which is partly due to the fact that the police is quite strict. Good to know: in Orlando traffic from the right isn’t automatically given priority. Make sure you check the signs at crossings and splits, these indicate who’s given priority in that specific situation.

What is one way car rental?

A one way means it is possible to pick up your rental car from Orlando Airport and drop it off at a different location in the USA. This is not possible with an economy category rental car booking.

Do I need to an international drivers license when driving in Orlando?

An international drivers license is not required in the USA, though it can be requested by the local police.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Orlando?

The minimum age to be able to rent a car in Orlando is 21. However, because of the calculated increased risk of accidents among young people extra fees are added to the rental price if you are under 25 years of age.

What are the rental conditions like in Orlando?

Download the rental conditions for USA as a PDF file and read through the specific conditions of your rental contract.

Car rental options in Orlando

Do you have specific needs, such as hiring a baby seat? For a small fee you can rent all the extras you need to make your trip in the rental car as comfortable and safe as possible, for all passengers. We offer the following extras:

  • Baby-seat: so your baby can be transported safely
  • Children’s seat: mandatory in the USA for children up to 12 years and less than 1.50m
  • Booster seat: so your child sits a little higher and can look out the window
  • NoRisk Warranty: travel around knowing everything’s taken care of!
  • Redeem cancellation fee: if you choose this option, you will receive a full refund if you wish to cancel the booking up to 24 hours before the rental period commences. This way you can always profit from the early bird deals.

Car rental pick up locations in Orlando

There are several locations in Orlando where you can pick up your rental car. You can start your journey at Orlando airport, or in the city at the following hotels: Main Gate East, Sheraton Studios, Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel or the Peabody Hotel.

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