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Car rental Rome

Discover all the roads that lead to Rome by rental car. Visit the capital of Italy with its historical highlights and trendy bars. Drive around the Colosseum and the many beautiful palazzi. Park your rental car just outside the historical center and explore all the narrow streets and alleys with their old buildings by foot. On your way to the Trevi Fountain you can taste a delicious pizza out of a wood-fired oven or some world-famous ice cream and get a great taste of Italy. Choose your own starting point for your trip by rental car. Pick up your car directly upon arrival at Fiumicino Airport or choose a car rental location close to your hotel.

Excursions in Rome or the surrounding area by rental car

Roam all 7 hills of Rome by rental car and explore the lesser known parts of the city for a bite to eat or an afternoon of shopping. The outskirts of the city hold many historical remains of the ancient Roman Empire. Discover the stories behind the impressive ruins and enjoy the spectacular views. Within a 3 hours drive from Rome you will reach Florence, Pompeii, Assisi or the island of Capri. Drive through the beautiful countryside of Tuscany with its lovely mountain villages towards the coast of Italy. From Rome you can easily reach any destination by rental car.

  • Explore the lesser known parts of Rome by rental car
  • Drive through the beautiful countryside of Tuscany

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Rome

Do you have any questions about driving a car in Rome for instance about traffic rules or possibilities for parking? Maybe you can find the answer in our list of frequently asked questions. Is your question not answered? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Where can I park my car in Rome?

Spots that are marked with white lines have free parking.

2. What should I pay attention to while driving in Rome?

Rome knows four rush hours a day on working days. Apart from rush hours in the morning and evening, you can also expect traffic jams in the afternoon around 1 PM and 3.30 PM. Many locals drive home for lunch and back to work after lunch. Traffic in the city center can be a bit chaotic (this is the case in many Italian cities). If an oncoming car signals its head lights this is a warning that the driver has no intention to slow down.

3. What is a one way?

A “one way” booking offers you the opportunity to pick up your rental car in Rome and return it in another Italian city. That way you can make the most of your vacation in Italy. Contact us for more information on one way rates in Italy.

4. What are the rental conditions for Marseille?

Download the rental conditions Italy as a PDF file and find out the conditions for your rental contract.

Options for car rental in Rome

Adjust your rental car the way you wish. At a small surcharge you can rent these extras to make your vacation perfect.

  • Baby-seat: so your baby can be transported safely
  • Children’s seat: mandatory for children up to 12 years and less than 1.50m
  • Booster seat: so your child sits a little higher and can look out the window
  • NoRisk Warranty: travel around knowing everything’s taken care of!
  • Redeem cancellation fee: if you choose this option, you will receive a full refund if you wish to cancel the booking up to 24 hours before the rental period commences. This way you can always profit from the early bird deals so make your booking now

Car rental locations and map of Rome

In Rome you can choose from several locations to pick up your rental car. Pick up your car directly upon arrival at the airport, train station or hotel. Are you planning to travel around? With a one way you can return your rental car in a different Italian city.

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